December 2008

Ultimate SEO Tool List Update 12/23/08

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Following up on a thread over at DigitalPoint, a member took the time to make this list of  both ON/OFF Page SEO tools you’ll ever need. The tools vary from Optimizers to SERP Rank Checkers to the critical back link to verify those “Link Exchange Buddies” are still link to you.. I would recommend that […]

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Your Audience, Your Content, Your Success.

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Audience, Purpose and Form are closely interrelated yet many bloggers tend to overlook or neglect it. They impact on your choice of content and use of language. Writing content is such an open and vast landscape, where anyone can write anything but by being aware of the APF Guidelines you give yourself a specific boundary […]

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How to Brainstorm for Coherent Ideas?

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Brainstorming is a dynamic, interactive process of bouncing ideas off one another. Its purpose is to stimulate creative thinking and is best done in groups or with a friend with similar interests. I’ve stated this many times before that; sometimes when you start writing content – it doesn’t really flow as smoothly as you would […]

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What to do when you lose interest in your community

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At the start of a new community, your hopes and expectations are high. You have dreams that your community will rise to the top, and you vow to work as hard as you must to make that dream come true. But over time, that hope can start to fade away and you may lose interest. […]

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Clear Mind Produces Clear Content

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It’s important to have a specific plan in your head or even better write it down before you storm on to your computer and start blogging. Now, personally I know many bloggers that use this method and is fairly comfortable with it, but what if I said there’s an even better way for you to […]

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