December 2008

Creating more appealing posts in 4 simple steps

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In exchange for writing posts on your blog, wouldn’t you want for someone to read those posts? Do you think it defeats the purpose of writing on your blog if no one reads it? Some people answer “No” to that question because they blog just for the fun of it. But there are others (who […]

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Thumbnail image for Mapping out a new blog: Choosing a great theme and some killer plugins

Mapping out a new blog: Choosing a great theme and some killer plugins

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Hundreds of blogs are made everyday. There are the bloggers who take time to prepare a blog by doing things like planning out a marketing strategy, writing posts for the future, and finding all plugins. Then there are bloggers who do not take those important steps. A successful blog will take more than 5 minutes […]

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Keeping your moderators in line: 4 ways to create a functional staff team

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Without a good staff team on your expanding forum, there’s going to be a lot of unnecessary, extra hard work to be done on a forum. While it can be easy to get moderators to keep the board in control, there’s a difference between having a professional, organized staff team and an uncaring, undisciplined staff. […]

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Signature Advertising 101

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Signature advertising on forums is one of, if not the best free forms of advertising on the web. All you have to do is type in some anchor text and wrap that text around a URL and start posting on a forum. It is the kind of promotion I do every day I go on […]

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Pros and cons of long and short posts – The age old debate

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So it’s not really an age old debate, it just sounded kind of catchy. There is no limit as to how long you can write a blog post. You can write them as long as you want, or as short as you want. From the ridiculously long posts of Patrice Karst to the short, under […]

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