January 2009

Did Google’s FeedBurner Crash and Burn?

by · 27 comments

Okay, the world isn’t destroyed but if you haven’t realized – our subscriber count shows a big fat ugly zero! Everything is back to normal now thankfully. When I saw it for the first time, I was seriously contemplating the fact that I might have written something so awful that it scared away ALL our […]

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Joost de Valk on Wordpres SEO

by · 5 comments

I was on Mr.ShoeMoney’s blog recently and came across this video that he posted. I think it’s a must watch for any WordPress owner. Pros and beginners alike, because it gives great insights on how you should optimize WordPress while refreshing the memories of our expert SEO’ers. Joost de Valk, aka Yoast delivers a wonderful […]

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10 Tips for a new Forum Owner

by · 17 comments

Starting and promoting a forum is an uphill task for new forum owners; here are some simple tips to give a boost to your forum.

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How to combat the evils of Procrastination?

by · 12 comments

Have you ever felt lazy or perhaps too bored to blog? Well, if your frantically nodding your head then you have experienced the choke-hold of procrastination. We all procrastinate in our day-to-day life, it’s when we put off or delay or defer an action to a later time. How many times have you promised yourself […]

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10 WP-Plugins, that will rock your world

by · 20 comments

How many “Top Plugin” posts have you reader as a surfer of the World Wide Web? I’m sure every blog in these niches have one or two posts that are entirely dedicated to the top plug-ins. Most of them are pretty much the same lists, with the same descriptions. If you wanted that you could […]

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