January 2009

Elements of Design – Orientation

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Welcome to the second installment of Elements of Design! Following up on my first post about “Elements of Design – Proportion” we come to the next addition, which is “Orientation.” Orientation refers to direction and aspect of elements of an on-screen page. In designing the layout, the interface designer will consider all elements that are […]

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How to Perfect Your Content by ‘Redrafts & Edits’

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Redrafting and editing work side by side and are very closely related. You need to redraft and edit in order to a turn a thoughtful, well-planned piece of content into a polished text that readers will be interested to read. There’s just too many blogs out there that have common spelling mistakes and illogical use […]

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Elements of Design – Proportion

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Welcome to the first installment of Elements of Design! I’ve decided to write up a whole series of articles for on-page optimization for both Search Engine Crawlers and your loyal readers. These guides will address a range of issues commonly found in blogs/websites around the net today. If you can invest the time, you should […]

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