February 2009

8 Priceless WP-Themes… FOR FREE!

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I’m sure you’ve seen 10s of 100s of similar “Free WP-Themes” lists around the net. It’s almost infinite but unfortunately most of these lists – are repeatedly too often used therefore becoming saturated. These themes get thrown around so often – that their purpose as a visual ‘eye-candy’ is almost completely gone. So, when I […]

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5 quick and clever ways to publicize a blog post by commenting on other blogs

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Recently at Blogussion, I have written our most popular posts to date, 100+ Lists To Help You Become a Better Blogger. I knew this post was going to become popular because of the vast amount of resources listed in it. One challenge however was to figure out ways to help boost it’s popularity and create […]

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RetireAt21: Young Entrepreneurs Making Money Online – Review

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RetireAt21 has a very unique idea to it; to help young entrepreneurs reach online success. It is a very inspirational blog with a lot of useful information for people under 21, and even those over 21. With resources like “The Top 50 Young Entrepreneurs” and “Top Young Bloggers“, RetireAt21 makes it easy to keep up […]

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100+ Lists To Help You Become a Better Blogger

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A list of other lists, filled with other 1,000+ great blogging tips. You may need to come back to this post a few times.

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Conquering those days where you don’t “feel” like writing by facing these 5 realizations

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Writing – it’s such a complex thing. Whether we realize it or not, there are always hardships when it comes to writing an excellent piece of material. Sometimes, that perseverance and love we have for writing starts to fade away. It may hit some quicker than others, but I guarantee that if you blog you […]

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