April 2009

Firefox Makes Blogging Easier

by · 27 comments

Ali Hussain, author of Techuse.net shares with you 8 fantastic FireFox plugins to help better your blogging experience. Tools ranging from Editors to in-browser FTP, this article is not to miss if you’re an avid Firefox blogger. Blogging is a very tough job. You need to do a lot of research, writing and understating. It […]

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Giving and Receiving On Your Blog – When Do You Start Receiving?

by · 23 comments

Usually I find that in blogging, more work is being done on our part than we will actually be rewarded for doing. Any time we do work, we expect something in return of greater value. And when we don’t get that reward, we aren’t happy about it all. One of the many things blogging has […]

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Blog Optimization Series: Search Engine Optimzation (1/3)

by · 24 comments

As we all know Search Engine Optimization is a long term process, that needs to be attended intuitively. As webmasters – we all have different techniques and we all go to different depths of optimizing our blogs. However, it’s fair to say that we all have one common goal; which is rank high for our […]

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Switching Up Your Blogging Routine For Just A Day: What Would Happen?

by · 6 comments

A few days ago, I had decided that instead of carrying out my regular blogging routines, I would take a day off and try to do things I don’t normally do. I personally think that sticking to a specific routine in anything is for too long is never the best for you, because there are […]

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Let’s face it, blogging with age makes us better at blogging

by · 31 comments

I realized something a while ago, and today I have decided to write about it. Janith and I have been managing Blogussions for almost 6 months now, and both of us have not only had a great time with it, but have became better at blogging in the process. The reason why I think that […]

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