April 2009

6 Valuable Tips On Outsourcing Your Blog’s Posts

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As you might have heard, Alex recently went down to Florida for a mini-vacation and was not able to post at all for the week. Of course this meant – I had the blog to myself for a whole week! It was quite daunting at first, to post + manage + moderate the blog on […]

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4 Top SEO-Blogs & Their Priceless Resources Pt. 1

by · 23 comments

Search Engine Optimization is a pretty saturated niche, with new blogs being dedicated for it almost on a daily basis. As always, every saturated (and also non-saturated) niche tend to have “top-dogs” and it’s nothing different here. No matter how ill-equipped you are – when it comes to SEO; there’s countless number of free resources […]

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3 Factors To Consider Before Submitting To A Directory

by · 25 comments

Many Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing professionals express their opinions and say that directories are dead. Just as strongly, we have others that oppose that. We can’t believe everything we see because quite frankly there are “experts” that say PageRank is dead, SEO is dead and some even say Social Media never was […]

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Overcoming Blogging Barriers

by · 15 comments

Blogging throws so many different challenges at you every day, and you need to learn to overcome them in an effective manner. In this article, Jack Bumstead goes over what these challenges might be, and how to overcome them. When blogging you face many barriers. Barriers are problems that come up in your blog. They […]

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Tracking Your SEO Performance

by · 55 comments

A major factor in achieving good SEO status is tracking your progression. In this post, our favorite SEO guy, Nicolas Prudhon (author of SEO for Web 2.0) goes over some great ways to track your SEO progress and use that information to help you for the best. Is there something more than checking your search […]

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