June 2009

When Blog Expansions Backfire on You: The Why

by · 18 comments

There is a time on our blog where we have to start planning for the future. Do you always want your blog to be “just a blog?” Sooner or later, I think that to increase the popularity of your blog and bring more visitors to it, you need to add some additional things to your […]

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WordPress Releases Version 2.8 “Baker”

by · 9 comments

Yesterday, Matt wrote a quick post over at the WordPress Blog announcing that the WP 2.8 is immediately available for download. There weren’t any official BETA testing programs for V2.8 other than the Release Candidate 1 that was published earlier this week, but without any significant problems with the RC1, they decided to launch the […]

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16 Free Phenomenal Plugins That Will Enhance Your Comment Area and Start More Conversations

by · 22 comments

The comment area on a blog is a very important place on a blog, and I feel like many bloggers under-utilize it. Sometimes, to get a good conversation started on a blog, there’s more to be added than just a comments form and the threaded enhancement.

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8 Reasons why bbPress Beats IPB, vBulletin & phpBB

by · 51 comments

(Janith is having some computer problems so I have to post this for him on my account) Who says you can’t run a forum alongside a blog? More and more, we see community-based forums integrated into sites that were first launched as independent blogs. Or maybe it’s just me, after running across ProBlogger’s forum dependent […]

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Short and Long Term Projects: Some Notes on Blog Flipping

by · 31 comments

This is a guest post by Simon Rogers, a fifteen year old blogger who runs Teenius.com. You can also follow him on Twitter @teenius First of all, let me tell you something. When I first started blogging I absolutely hated it. Why? Because I spent hours every day maintaining and advertising my sites, but I […]

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