June 2009

The Signifigance of “Link Loving” Your Own Blog

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On Sunday, I published a post basically recapping on 20 of my favorite posts on Blogussion. The post received some decent attention, but what’s more important about it is what attention the posts I linked to received. All I did was take time to round up some older posts on Blogussion and link them in […]

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How My Fan Mail Can Serve As A Motivator To You (Plus Some Insight On How I Designed Blogussion)

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Last week, I received a great email pretty much praising Blogussion for everything that it is. In the message (which I will post below), I not only received comments towards the blog, but was asked some questions about some of the things I did here, which I will also cover in this post.

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Debate: Posting by Obligation or Free Will? 10 Arguments

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I feel that blogging puts so much pressure on us. Blogging is like high school cliques, you have to do whatever it takes to fit in with the “in-crowd” that you do things you don’t feel like doing, or like doing. It can just get so stressful sometimes the things we have to do. How […]

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5 WordPress.tv Videos Worth A Watch!

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Wordpress TV was launched earlier this year, which was soon followed by Alex’s post on the new project. Personally, I thought it was a great idea because when I saw the videos for the first time; they were extremely high quality both visually and content-wise.

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