July 2009

How To Display RSS and Twitter Count in Plain Text

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Here is a neat trick to making your blog look better. I hate seeing those default Feedburner and Twittercounter chicklets on other people’s blog, because they look so ugly. No matter what color you change them, they never look nice. So, wouldn’t a neat trick be to display these counter on your own terms?

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Google Analytics: Metrics Worth Tracking

by · 17 comments

Understanding the importance of statistics for your blog is an important step in developing your blog.  The best way to find success is by measuring performance and striving to improve it. Now do not get me wrong, spending hours every day looking at them will not help you.  That is too much time spent on […]

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WP Robot – Powerful Content Generation for WordPress

by · 35 comments

I have never gotten into the idea of generating content automatically on a blog, but that wasn’t until I did a little research on it. Auto content generation can be very popular for flipping blog websites, and creating some great blogs.

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Building Trust in a Partnership

by · 19 comments

Trust is the most advantageous asset in a partnership.  It is a prediction of reliance in another person.  Partnerships depend on using trust to get their tasks accomplished.  Without reliance on the other partner, most relationships fail. Partnerships are perhaps the most advantageous way of working online.  With the right combination of partners, projects can […]

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#1 Traffic Tip You Are Not Ready For

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Now before you start getting angry at me for determining what you’re ready for, let me explain why I made the title what it is. In the last 2 years of blogging I have seen 2 fatal flaws which hinder almost every blogger from becoming successful.  These flaws are nasty and sometimes seem overwhelming.

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