July 2009

4 Tricks For “Awesome-izing” Input Forms

by · 40 comments

Input forms are commonly used throughout your blog, and I see a lot of input forms that surprisingly are left untouched and uncared for. When you want people to signup for your newsletter or RSS feed via email, you usually have an input form that will take the users email address and submit it. But […]

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6 Plugins You Should Always Have Ready For Blog Emergencies

by · 49 comments

Crazy things can happen to any blog at any time. Some make sure to be prepared for these things, and others may not be as prepared. Crackers, hackers, massive floods of traffic, database errors and many more things are all preventable. With the WordPress community being as large as it is, there have been many […]

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Changes, Opportunities & New Features Coming to Blogussion + A Farewell to Janith

by · 26 comments

Things have been crazy for me over the last week. It was my birthday, I was making the transition from New Jersey to Florida for a month and a half, I was having issues finding a computer to continue my work, and Janith has told me he resigned from Blogussion. I’ve been busy.

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The Importance of a Trustworthy Webhost

by · 39 comments

Although it is one of – if not – the most important ingrediants to success, quality web hosting is usually overlooked because you want to grab a bargain rather than part with your cash for what would seem to be a similar if not identical solution. Unfortunately, most bloggers learn the hard way that you […]

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5 Funny Things Bloggers Do To Make Their Blog Look More “Official”

by · 75 comments

In this hectic world of blogging where all we want is acceptance, we often tend to do things out of the ordinary to gain this feeling of “fitting in” and “success” into our heads. As redemption for these things we do, it’s time for someone to stand up and make fun of these people. That’s […]

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