October 2009

Blogussion Gets A Refreshed Look, and New Features

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The one thing that is always remembered well by people who visit our site is the design. Ever since the beginning of Blogussion, the design has always been well liked and enjoyed by our readers. And today, October 23rd 2009 – it just got a whole lot more memorable.

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Very Straightforward Methods to Draw Traffic Back to Old Posts

by · 59 comments

As much time as it takes to write a great post on your blog and get some attention from it – it disappears. That amazing post that was so well off just moves on from the front page and goes off to page two…three….and sooner or later it is buried so far no one remembers […]

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4 Easy Ways To Increase Readership On Your Blog

by · 46 comments

Today we explore 4 ways to keep visitors on your blog with Igor Kheifets. If you would like to guest post on Blogussion, read here for more information. As a blogger, one of the most frustrating things you can experience when checking on your Analytics stats is to realize that your bounce rate is sky […]

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Recreating the Sleek, Orange Subscribe Box on Blogussion

by · 56 comments

I get a few emails every once in a while asking me how I created the glorious orange subscribe box you see in the sidebar.

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How We Earned Over 200 Subscribers with 2 Simple Posts

by · 84 comments

A case study reviewing how we earned 200+ subscribers with just 2 simple guest posts.

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