November 2009

Wired Weekend #4: The Best Blogging Tips From Around the Web

by · 18 comments

The weekend is here yet again, and school is out for a whole week in my area thanks to this wonderful upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. That leaves me with a much clearer head to prepare for an amazing week of work, partying, and making lists of blogging tips. We are already at our fourth installment of […]

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Knowing When to Hire a Professional

by · 44 comments

There comes a time when you are up against an insurmountable task or deadline and there is nothing you can do but face defeat.  At least that’s what it seems like when you don’t know what or who to turn to for help. Finding the right help and understanding when its time to use the […]

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How to Calmly and Efficiently Write a Post at the Last Minute

by · 54 comments

Every once in a while, things come up that totally mess up our schedule. Most of the time as a starting out blogger, or just a blogger with lazy tendencies, there is no backup. The situation I am talking about of course is rushing in posts at the last-minute.

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Google Magic and Dating Megan Fox

by · 26 comments

Google is the web’s most powerful player and the person at the party everyone wants to become friends with. If the web was a high school prom, Google would be the girl everyone tried to dance with. Too many people don’t understand enough about Google to ever really have a chance of success with it, […]

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Breakdown of the 28 WordPress Plugins That Have Contributed to the Growth of our Blog

by · 103 comments

If you use WordPress, there’s no doubt that you know of all the free plugins and modifications available for it. Without all of these plugins, a lot of the features found on many blogs today wouldn’t exist. In this article, I want to share with you guys the 28 plugins we currently have installed here […]

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