November 2009

Wired Weekend #3: The Best Blogging Tips From Around the Web

by · 21 comments

Your wild weekend is upon us and nothing but good times and a little relaxation await you as you sit back and enjoy this round-up of awesome posts. With posts from around the web and more importantly our community, you are in for a relaxing weekend with some great articles you might have missed.  This […]

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How to Keep an Organized Inbox and Keep Everybody Happy

by · 52 comments

A very important part of keeping in sync with the readers in your community is to chat with them through email. Whether it is you emailing them, or they email you – it is vital to keep the conversation going and keep everything organized for the sake of your readership.

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Does Your Post Frequency Bring in the Best Results?

by · 71 comments

The rate at which you publish blog posts is a very important factor towards building a solid readership. Believe it or not, adding a post a random day of the week and not sticking to a consistent schedule can really have an impact on the reaction it gets from your community. Just recently, we changed […]

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Little Known Ways Darren Rowse Makes Money Blogging

by · 129 comments

Darren Rowse is the most famous Problogger on the web, but did you know that he was getting paid six-figures before he became famous? Learn how you can do the same!

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Twitter Apps To Make Your Blogging Easier

by · 56 comments

Twitter is one of the most popular sites on the web (over 40,000,000 users) and if you have not gotten an account yet, stop wasting your time and get one.  What happens next is the most important part of this process — what you do with your account. Who cares if there are over 40 […]

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