December 2009

Wired Weekend #6: A Special Week

by · 19 comments

This week has been insanely hectic and very good all at the same time. Alex and I have been able to celebrate the birthday of Blogussion a bit while trying to prepare for some awesome new products [we will be unveiling very soon] and freelance work. We are officially celebrating during this month and have […]

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How to Start a Killer Blogging Contest

by · 74 comments

Planning a contest on your blog can result in a lot of traffic and popularity if you know the right tips to set one up right.

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Let’s Hangout

by · 65 comments

Blogging is so much more than just spitting out information. Blogging is about teaching and learning together with your readers. That does not mean you are not an “expert”, but it does mean you are connecting with your visitors. Learn to “hangout” with your readers and develop friendships.

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Marketing Personalization: It’s Not About the Numbers

by · 38 comments

Marketing is important for any business or blog. Using numbers to sell products though isn’t the best way to do it. Get personal and see much better results.

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Wired Weekend #5: The Best Blogging Tips from Around the Web

by · 31 comments

Wired Weekend is a series at Blogussion where we find our favorite articles on blogging from around the web and compile them into one article for your viewing pleasure.

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