January 2010

Wake Up! You’re a Blogger Not a Crackhead

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Getting a quick fix is all most drug addicts can think about.  There is a physical and mental addiction which impairs your perspective and destroys your long-term goals.  Over time drug addictions result in complete and utter failure unless a remedy and rehabilitation are implemented. Bloggers, like drug addicts, can be focused and even addicted […]

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The Easiest Post You’ve Ever Read

by · 67 comments

Reading blogs can be very fun but sometimes it gets boring when there are no new ideas or its just too long.  How many times have you read a post that didn’t have anything to do with what you were interested in or subscribed to a blog that kept posting about things unrelated to their […]

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The Key Factors to any Successful Product Launch

by · 52 comments

Selling a product can be one of the best ways to earn a passive income from your website. Based off the success of the Blogussion Theme, here are some key points to selling a product.

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To Be, or Not To Be: That is the Moral Question

by · 35 comments

Blogging is a great way to explore the world all around us.  From blogs about weird but funny things to useful do it yourself blogs there are millions of blogs and websites ranging from the obvious to the obscure. With all of these blogs it would seem that at some point some very serious questions […]

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What has “Acting Now” Really Done for You?

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The idea of “acting now” is an idea that hits us in a few different ways. Most see it as a motivator to get work done, but there are other ways that simple term can be looked at by someone. In this article, the idea of “acting now” on your blog is broken down and explained in a few different ways.

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