April 2010

Why Blogging Will Live

by · 43 comments

Since the beginning of time, people have always been predicting the death of things. People predict that the Internet will make magazines obsolete, and the iPad will kill the Kindle But what’s the people’s standpoint on blogging?

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WordPress Permalinks 101

by · 53 comments

An important part of good SEO, and general usability of your blog is the permalink structure on your blog. In WordPress, a permalink structure is often set after installing blog for the first time. But, did you choose the right structure for your blog?

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Visitor Retention: A Crucial Element to Blogging Success

by · 30 comments

The more unique visitors you can drive to your blog, the better. But, what about repeat visitors? Aren’t they just as valuable as unique visitors, or any kind of visitor? Read this article to find out why they are important to your blog.

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50 Revealing Questions to ask Yourself as a Blogger Part II

by · 27 comments

You would be surprised at what you could find out if you just asked yourself a question and really thought about the answer. So, I want you to do just that with the 50 questions I came up with below.

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Designers Checklist 1.0: Does Your Blog Design Accomplish all of the Following?

by · 52 comments

Does your blog design meet all of the following rules? Check it out, because your blog may be in trouble!

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