July 2010

Mind Mapping for Blog Expansion & Making Smart Mistakes, Part 2

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In part one of using the practice or method of mind mapping for our blog expansion I covered a few beginning steps to always keep in the back of your head and the start of building your blog. We start by brainstorming and then organizing all the thoughts to reality. Now, in part two today […]

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Corner The Market: Become A Big Fish In A Small Pond

by · 54 comments

Are you drowning in a sea of bloggers who are blogging about the very same topic you are? Is your voice getting lost in the crowd? Are you tired of being non-existent among search engine results pages? If so, it's time to get with the program and start "Cornering the Market!"

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Finding Creativity & Inspiration from Nothing

by · 47 comments

Inspi ra tion and cre ativ ity can really be in short sup ply these days. The longer you blog, it seems, the less you have to blog about. Awe­some ideas appear to be com ing to you less and less. But none of this has to be the case.

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Mind Mapping for Blog Expansion & Making Smart Mistakes, Part 1

by · 57 comments

When it comes time to expand our blogs we need to take many things into consideration and use caution along the way. We can do this while in the process of expanding our blogs through mind mapping in the beginning stages. This practice surely does not eliminate any mistakes for building our blog, but instead […]

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Instill the Urge for Community Response

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What makes your established community, committed readers, or frequent visitors leave some sort of response to your blog? It’s because of our quality content, our inviting community, or that we interact with our readers. It’s not because we simply ask for their comments or thoughts. Why not? This gets our community to respond, but it’s […]

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