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Seeking originality, inspiration, and more in-depth approaches to the practice of blogging and what it means to blog? We are the Next Generation in Blogging.

Welcome to Blogussion

We seek to deliver content that is compelling, original, inspirational, and/or useful for all bloggers. We want to be your home environment for the discussion of blogging.

Yes, we will cover various topics related to blogging such as design, marketing, community, monetization, expanding your blog and more. Furthermore, we will deliver the content in a way that gets you thinking and wanting to add to the discussion.

We’ve made it fun to interact with the community by rating posts and comments. It will push us, authors, to provide nothing but the best content for you and will push you and others to leave a comment that builds a social reaction.

We’re Truly Different

Don’t think of us as just another blog talking about blogging-related topics. Not only have people talked about our original content and design, but they’ve said we are that resource everyone should have.

We are a blog, with dedicated authors, pushing to take the topics we cover to new levels and ways of comprehending. The topics include:

the Science of Blogging

The #1 Misunderstood Aspect of Blogging

One of the most underlying aspects of blogging is mastering the psychology that exists between a blogger and their blog.

We tend to get caught up in creating compelling content, design aesthetics, attracting a community, and having a plan for monetization that we often overlook the reasons for why we are doing these things.

Mastering the psychology will push you to solve everything mentioned above, and open your mind to new ideas. As a blogger, you and your blog will evolve into something better for all.

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*Additionally, we’ve decided to publish the recordings of Alex and Derek talking about the creation of this newsletter. Warning: there is some explicit language.