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Why Content Is Still King

by · 38 comments

Almost every webmaster runs his/her website with one task in mind; to gain the more traffic. It’s not a surprise either because traffic means a lot to many; including the single-most contributory factor in the amount you earn through your site. With this in mind, many webmasters strive or even dedicate whole blogs to produce […]

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6 Beginner SMO Tips for Social Media Marketers

by · 26 comments

Social Media Optimization (or SMO) has been an area that I have been looking to explore for quite some time now. We’ve discussed about Twitter recently; both the negative side of Twitter and also 7 ways you can effectively market it. However, I want to shift our focus to the more conventional social media networks […]

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Why Twitter Might Sink?

by · 45 comments

Dear Twitterers, I’m just curious to as whether or not you follow all those that follow you? This issue has submerged up on several popular blogs; about Twitter-users abusing the system; and are just out to get the most number of followers possible. What’s the point of following 10,000 users if you won’t even read […]

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7 Alternative Blogging Tools (Mac-Supported too!)

by · 19 comments

I can’t help but feel that many of our readers found WLW either inadequate, not suited or perhaps even completely useless. Fortunately, the comments written for my first post on Windows Live Writer suggested that either it’s not worthwhile (because WP’s Editor is pretty solid) or it wasn’t Mac-supported. So, I’ve spent some time researching […]

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8 Excellent Extensions to Further Expand Your Windows Live Writer

by · 10 comments

Following up my recommendation post on Windows Live Writer, I promised to deliver with some of the best extensions (or plugins) that are available for WLW. Hence, I’ve spent the last week or so, researching the depths of the WLW Plugin archives (7 pages); in search of the most useful add-ons and I found couple […]

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