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Pingoat, gone to the slaughter house?

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Pingoat has been one of the most extensively used free pinging services on the web. For those of us, that haven’t used it before – it’s a simple tool that allows webmasters to ‘ping’ or ‘notify’ search engines and other services that you got new content! It’s a simple idea but one that has great […]

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Major Upgrade for Blogussion!

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Hey all, We’ve decided to move the CMS (WordPress) to the root folder – so we can really interlink our blog and as well as the unique homepage – which Alex is currently designing. Therefore, our apologies if you run into a 404 error or a random crash. The upgrade turned out to be much […]

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Ultimate Social Plugin for WordPress: FV Community News

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Running a successful blog is just as demanding as starting a business, meeting a goal or even running for the US presidency (exaggeration at it’s best!). It all depends on how much effort you put in and what you want to achieve with your blog…

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Twitter – The Double-Edged Social Sword!

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I’m sure everyone has got an account, or at least heard about this so called ‘revolutionary’ social-media network – Twitter. It’s been 3 years since it was released to the public – yet so many bloggers and tweeters alike are like still talking about it, as if it just came out yesterday. Everything from affiliate […]

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How to choose the perfect hosting service for your blog?

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As you might have heard, we recently moved our website to HawkHost. The shift was based on the fact how unreliable our previous host was, their service was just appalling. Anyway, it made me realize how important it is to choose the right host that best suit your needs. I used to go for cheap […]

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