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10 Tips to Prevent Hackers

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Hackers have been around for too long, usually associated with dark themes and “the evil side” they represent the minority of IT Gurus that just have too much time on their hands, and a touch of evilness. Usually represented with a skull or “horrifically” they are iconic in a never ending battle against internet crime. […]

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Elements of Design – Orientation

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Welcome to the second installment of Elements of Design! Following up on my first post about “Elements of Design – Proportion” we come to the next addition, which is “Orientation.” Orientation refers to direction and aspect of elements of an on-screen page. In designing the layout, the interface designer will consider all elements that are […]

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How to Perfect Your Content by ‘Redrafts & Edits’

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Redrafting and editing work side by side and are very closely related. You need to redraft and edit in order to a turn a thoughtful, well-planned piece of content into a polished text that readers will be interested to read. There’s just too many blogs out there that have common spelling mistakes and illogical use […]

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Elements of Design – Proportion

by · 2 comments

Welcome to the first installment of Elements of Design! I’ve decided to write up a whole series of articles for on-page optimization for both Search Engine Crawlers and your loyal readers. These guides will address a range of issues commonly found in blogs/websites around the net today. If you can invest the time, you should […]

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Ultimate SEO Tool List Update 12/23/08

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Following up on a thread over at DigitalPoint, a member took the time to make this list of  both ON/OFF Page SEO tools you’ll ever need. The tools vary from Optimizers to SERP Rank Checkers to the critical back link to verify those “Link Exchange Buddies” are still link to you.. I would recommend that […]

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