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6 Simple Ways to Build Traffic!

by · 11 comments

1. Quickly Get Links From Trusted Directories. What does it take to build a healthy list of back links? It could take years and years of hard work in the SEO field or it could happen with-in a week if you have some $$. Link building is a long-term process with even longer-term goals, but […]

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W3Optimizer V2 – Real SEO Tool

by · 8 comments

Being a forum activist has it’s ups & downs. No doubt, it’s the same with my experience at DigitalPoint Forums. Even thought I have to put up with many repeatedly asked questions, that can be answer by a simple search – it’s very satisfying to see a member succeed, improvise or even just provide for […]

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How to get your site indexed fast?

by · 14 comments

So, you’ve just got a blog launched and jumping up and down your seat? You should calm your nerves and funnel that adrenaline into getting more exposure! The most pursued way of getting traffic would be from Search Engines, because it’s one the most targeted methods of gaining traffic we know. If a surfer searches […]

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Official GOOGLE SEO Guide Released!

by · 9 comments

Finally, it is here. It’s been nearly 11 years since Google launched their search engine, and finally we have an “Official Guide” to manipulate the system to work for ourselves! I was merely breezing over it, however sadly there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of new information. Just the same old basic tactics […]

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9 Tools To Help Your SERPs Considerably

by · 6 comments

Search Engine Results Page or more commonly known as SERPs is where you rank on the results page when a user searches for a specific keyword(s). Now, everyone knows that the basic fundamentals behind SEO is to reach as high up on the list as possible, preferably the number position. Well, to help you in […]

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