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5 Videos Worth A Watch!

by · 11 comments

Wordpress TV was launched earlier this year, which was soon followed by Alex’s post on the new project. Personally, I thought it was a great idea because when I saw the videos for the first time; they were extremely high quality both visually and content-wise.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Blog With A Partner

by · 36 comments

As you all know, Alex and I are the two brains behind Blogussion – but 6 months ago; this was not true. In fact six months ago, Blogussion didn’t exist. I’ll let you in on one big secret behind, all modesty aside, our success. That secret, is the fact that we work together, as a […]

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WPDude – Your WordPress Technical Support Dude

by · 14 comments

Ever found yourself searching your head off, trying to solve that WordPress problem? Or trying to fix something that’s not broken – but you just want to make it better? Well I’ve found myself in that situation; too many times to count but never had a reliable resource when it comes to some of these […]

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Dolphin 6 – Create Your Own Social Media Network

by · 16 comments

Social Media Networks play a significant role in how the internet functions. Every network; targeted as Reddit for Internet marketers to as open as Myspace or Facebook, and lately Twitter – they all have blasted on to the scene within the last few years and already dominate the internet. So, it’s almost a crime to […]

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WP-Plugin – Where did they go from here?

by · 12 comments

Ever noticed the “Buyers who have bought this, also bought…” section under’s product pages? That was a rhetorical question because almost everyone who has visited an e-commerce site would have most likely seen one. Other websites such as eBay and Newegg have similar scripts, but if what I have read serves me right; Amazon […]

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