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The Final – Blogger Versus

by · 61 comments

If you are familiar with the blogosphere, you will have noticed that most blogs are either run using Google’s Blogger or WordPress (as a framework). These two systems, along with a couple of other such as Joomla, Typepad etc. are the most commonly used CMS (Content Management Systems) and for some damn good reasons too. Undoubtedly […]

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7 ways to find inspirations for your next blog post!

by · 28 comments

One of the most commonly set goals by bloggers is to “blog at least once a day.” Anyone who follows this goal knows how difficult it can get, but they are also aware of its bountiful benefits! However, only a handful  of bloggers remain true to it, in the long run and they soon loose […]

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Debate: DoFollow vs. NoFollow Links

by · 77 comments

In a recent post, Jeet’s guest post entitled “Get some Comment Love for your static website” sparked quite a bit of discussion, and raised the issue between NoFollow and DoFollow blogs. As many of you might have realized (noting the massive image we have on the sidebar) that Blogussion was made a DoFollow blog several […]

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Interviewing Alex + Janith: Our answers to the list of 50 questions to ask yourself as a blogger

by · 22 comments

Just over a week ago, Alex published a post with a series of questions entitled “50 Self-Reflecting Questions To Ask Yourself As A Blogger“. They were unbelievably thought out questions and really makes you think about your status and habits as a blogger. Anyone who can answer all 50 questions, honestly, can definitely bring out […]

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Do You Utilize Tags On Your Posts?

by · 41 comments

One of the most under-rated features of Content Management Systems (CMS) is the user-friendliness that comes standard. Many systems with the likes of WordPress and Google’s Blogger make it as simple as possible for a surfer to launch a blog and start posting pretty much anything. Like anything else in life, when we get something […]

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