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Carmela Maraan Fernando is a writer and editor for Blogussion.Com. She has written on various topics ranging from technology, marketing, advertising, blogging, and creative writing to entertainment and adult material, and also dabbles in photography.

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What is Blogging for You?

by · 76 comments

Do you know why you blog? Understanding your reasons for blogging helps keep you in line with meeting your goals.

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Do You Suffer From Blogger’s Blues?

by · 79 comments

If you feel more and more isolated because of blogging, you may be suffering from blogger’s blues. Here are a few tips on handling it.

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Your Blogging Goals: Can You Meet Them? (Part 2)

Thumbnail image for Your Blogging Goals: Can You Meet Them? (Part 2)

by · 33 comments

After determining your blogging goals, the next step is formulating a rock-solid plan to achieve them.

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Your Blogging Goals: What Are They? (Part 1)

by · 21 comments

Do you have clear-cut blogging goals? If not, maybe it’s time you determine exactly what you want to achieve with your blogging activity.

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The Ugly Side of SEO

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by · 23 comments

For some webmasters and users, SEO has become synonymous with spamming. Here’s the lowdown on some whitehat SEO tactics gone wrong.

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