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Carmela Maraan Fernando is a writer and editor for Blogussion.Com. She has written on various topics ranging from technology, marketing, advertising, blogging, and creative writing to entertainment and adult material, and also dabbles in photography.

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Have You Found Your Voice?

by · 6 comments

Do you write like you speak? Are your readers comfortable enough to interact with you on a regular basis? If not, here are a few tips on revealing your personality in your blog, also known as your blogger’s voice.

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The Importance of Promoting your Blog

by · 8 comments

FOR every performance, there should be an audience. The same applies to blogging. Without your audience, your blog won’t survive. So what do you do in order to increase your traffic? Simple –- by promoting your blog. Your blog will only take off when you know and understand how to sell your ideas to your […]

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Helpful Habits to Develop in Blogging

by · 32 comments

WHETHER you are blogging for fun or for business, it still comes down to the fundamentals of writing. No matter how advanced your software and hardware are, and no matter how highly rated your platform is, your content will fall flat in the long run if you fail to constantly apply good writing habits. The […]

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