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Derek is an idealist and enjoy empowering others to conquer something great. I draft up projects at Resimplify. I'm a writer for the people that want help the world explore their creativity and curiosity at Love Curiosity.

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Use Your Lowest Quality of Content for Improvement

by · 86 comments

Say what?! Yes. We should all want to improve our practice of blogging and make it clear to your audience that you are serious and here to play.

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The Values of a Second Chance to Guarantee Success

by · 34 comments

Everyday someone fails at something or in our case fails at building the right blog. What do we do then? We either stop blogging, build a new blog, or go in a different direction away from blogging.

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The Perfect Seat in the Blogosphere is Here, the New Blogussion!

by · 44 comments

We want you to think about us being the perfect seat for discussion based around blogging-related topics.

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Behind the Snowball Effect for Success

by · 73 comments

The infamous snowball effect should be rolling behind you to ensure success right now and in the future. In order for this snowball to be successful for you it should have a well built foundation and key people along for the ride.

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Obtain A Beneficial & Continual Focus with Your Competition

by · 66 comments

Fine your inner thoughts and voice; focus on and compare with their talents, skills, and perspectives.

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