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Derek is an idealist and enjoy empowering others to conquer something great. I draft up projects at Resimplify. I'm a writer for the people that want help the world explore their creativity and curiosity at Love Curiosity.

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Observe to Steal and Conquer Instead of Following Footsteps

by · 66 comments

Warning: I’m not telling you to do any unethical or unlawful activity. Hear me out for at least a few seconds.

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Choose and Stick with Your True Platform

by · 65 comments

The different platforms of blogging are writing, audio, and video. Do you really need to expand to these platforms? Or do you just need to up your game and market your platform better?

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The Essential Code for Aspiring Bloggers

by · 108 comments

Blogging can get carried away and make the practice of blogging look corrupted, tarnished, or the thought of blogging being dead.

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Internet Broadcasting is the Next Big Wave

by · 64 comments

People are becoming more willing to listen or watch what you have to say than just reading. We all want to be entertained more and have a stronger connection.

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21 Reworks to Achieve a Better Blog in 2011

by · 74 comments

It’s 2011 and the way people are sharing items, talking with others, and getting their content is changing at a rapid pace.

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