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Hey there! I'm Evan and life never gets boring as a student athlete. I'm sort of a newbie at blogging but I love to write and hopfeully that will help me along the way.

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Effective Blog Management

Effective Blog Time Management

by · 18 comments

One often fatal problem for bloggers is keeping track of time, and making the best of what they can. In this post, Evan shares some tips for managing your time on and off of your blog. Blogging takes an extreme amount of effort, work, patience, and time, no doubt. I think readers, subscribers, and bloggers […]

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Having A Good Writing “Personality”

by · 37 comments

One of the most challenging things in writing is grabbing the attention of your readers. Evan from We The Teens goes over the importance of that one “attention grabbing” sentence and how to make one by just adding a little personality in your writing. What’s a writing personality have to do with your blog? The […]

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