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21 Entrepreneur, Designer, Artist and Public Speaker. When I am not talking about startups or running an online rebel magazine I am designing user experiences. You can find me on Google+ or Twitter.

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The Astonishing Power of Social Media & How to Use it

by · 29 comments

Anyone can use social media sites. There are no experts, it’s all about how you are able to connect and engage with your audience. Where do you stand in your community?

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King’s Ultimate Guide to Blog Design Perfection

by · 48 comments

Each year brings us new trends be it fashion, films, web design of blogging. I am not a professional designer or anything – just a curious student of life who spends hours looking at great blog designs and taking notes of what pleases me about it. I do have quite a stack of notes on […]

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5 Easily Accessible Sources of Fresh & Unique Content

by · 55 comments

Creating consistent content that is unique and very insightful can be a daunting task. In this post, a variety of great ways are gone over to keep content fresh and consistent on your blog.

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Let’s Hangout

by · 65 comments

Blogging is so much more than just spitting out information. Blogging is about teaching and learning together with your readers. That does not mean you are not an “expert”, but it does mean you are connecting with your visitors. Learn to “hangout” with your readers and develop friendships.

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