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Tracking Your SEO Performance

by · 55 comments

A major factor in achieving good SEO status is tracking your progression. In this post, our favorite SEO guy, Nicolas Prudhon (author of SEO for Web 2.0) goes over some great ways to track your SEO progress and use that information to help you for the best. Is there something more than checking your search […]

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Guaranteed Bad Search Engine Ranking in 7 Steps

by · 32 comments

If what you do right in SEO is extremely important, know that what you do wrong is equally important when it comes to affecting your search engine ranking position. I spend most of my time teaching people what they should do to implement proper SEO, and what I realized is that there‚Äôs a lack of […]

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Is Your Site a Victim of URL Canonicalization?

by · 97 comments

An often overlooked aspect of good SEO that can cost you in the search engines.

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