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Srinivas Rao is a personal development blogger at The Skool of Life and the editor in chief of the Flightster Travel Blog. He is also the host and co-founder of BlogcastFM a podcast for for bloggers.

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How to Achieve the Same Benefits of a Guest Post by Leaving a Blog Comment

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The 3 methods I used to build some pretty decent traffic to my own blog by just leavĀ­ing a comment are simple ideas, but will take a little extra effort on your part. But, the rewards you can get in return are huge.

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Interviewing Bloggers and the Tremendous Value it Holds

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Today, Srinivas Rao, talks about the benefits he has enjoyed by interviewing bloggers for his own site, BlogCastFM. Want to write for us too? One of the things that never ceases to amaze me is the minimal usage of multimedia content by bloggers. As the host and co-founder of BlogcastFM, a podcast for bloggers, it […]

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