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Zachary Adam Cohen is a social media consultant in New York City. He writes about social media on his website and about art, music, politics and anything else he fancies at his personal blog. He can be found on Twitter @ZacharyCohen.

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Why You Can’t Blog Just Once & The Benefits of Blogging Frequently

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any bloggers treat their blog like they are obligated to write for it. If more people saw their blog as something they wanted to do rather than forcing themselves, blogging would become much easier.

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Forcing Yourself to Blog vs. Letting Ideas Marinate

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Today, Zachary Adam Cohen brings up an interesting point of view on how post ideas are formed. If you would like to guest post on Blogussion, read here for more information. I’ve been blogging regularly for five months now and have learned a lot about the art and science of regular blogging. Some of my […]

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