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by Janith

Today, I want to share with you 4 things that I thought of in my head through the day. It’s unusual and quite random. I was just thinking a few ways, I could take Blogussion up a notch or two – and came up with a list of potential ways anyone could acheive the different aspects of blog-promotion.

Eventually, after some moderation on the list – I was left with a handful of random and disorganized tips and tricks that could help you either directly or indirectly in promoting your blog. What do you think?

Try misspelling a few words.

Purposely misspell commonly misspelled words and just watch the free traffic flow in. You would be surprised to see just how extra traffic will cumulatively build up – as you exploit this underlying loop-hole. It might seem a bit morally – wrong but we are not abusing the system… just making it easier for the lazy.

Try tweetin’ from your desktop.

To be honest, I’m not as active on Twitter as I would like to be. Well I wasn’t anyways. The concept of tweetin’ from your desktop has been around almost since Twitter’s launch but I never got around to using them. I’ve tried a handful over them over time but none of them… fitted my needs.

That was until I came across TweetDeck. I just cannot emphasize the value it has added to my Twitter account because with it – I feel like doing what Twitter was designed to do in the first place; tweet about everything that happens around me! It’s just an awesome tool, in fact I might even dedicate a whole post on the program and outline every single feature of it!

Try video marketing.

It’s not that hard: Get a web cam, some video-editing software + a free Youtube account and with a touch of your imagination you can potentially reach millions of people on the internet. This depends on your niche, obviously but if your in a market that can grow virally – just give it a shot. It can be anything from a game-play video with your narration to you singing the ABC 123 backwards!

It’s up to you, make something people want to watch – that has a direct relation to your blog; then just promote it.

Try to reply to your blog’s comments.

You can raise your blog’s awareness internally, as well. Writing up an article is just half the task, you need to then follow it up with promote it and once you do – act upon the response it gets. Most likely, the responses will be reflected on the comments and it’s absolutely critical to reply to most, if not all of your visitor’s comments.

Replying to comments goes a long way; because it entices the visitors to return to your blog and check up on the responses. It creates a more friendly environment and a warm feeling of community. Personally, I reply to every comment except those simply dropping by a Thank You, but everyone now and then – I reply with my appreciation for their contribution.

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