Simple Content Curation Tips for Your Blog

by Carmela Maraan

Curation is a great and easy way to populate your site with content. Of course, you have to be mindful of what put in your blog, because regularly strewing it with numerous pieces of information isn’t enough. You have to consider exactly what kind of content will help you meet your goals, as well as when and how often you should publish it. And, you have to do it responsibly, especially when using other people’s material.

It’s simple, but not always easy.

The following are tips to get you started on pulling more material for your blog:

1. Publish content that you’ve already shared.

If the information is still relevant and applicable to your blog and to the ethos of your audience, then you can reshare your own posts to recap certain topics or as references.

2. Give credit where credit is due.

If you’re using someone else’s work, make sure you follow the basic rules of curation: include the title of the original material, a short excerpt of their work, the original post’s byline, and the link to ‘Read the original article.’ Also, never re-publish an entire article without the author’s explicit permission, and don’t edit their wording, not even spelling or grammatical errors for them.

3. Tell your visitors why your curated content is worth reading.

Always assume that there will be first-time visitors viewing each post that you publish, so it’s better to give them a brief explanation as to why that article you’re sharing is worth their time. This goes for both your own and other people’s content.

Do you gather precious information or junk?

4. Use content discovery sites.

Aside from search engines, you can search for relevant and targeted content for your blog through social communities, how-to sites, rich media sites, online publications, and content aggregators, syndication, and curation sites.

5. Mix it up.

Some sites are purely devoted to content curation, such as Buzzfeed. But after a while, the presentation can be monotonous. Make your output more interesting by embedding your sources in your original posts, publishing slideshows that will showcase some of your curated content, or share the material in an online video.

Sharing your and other people’s work not only helps generate more interest in your blog, but also tells your sources that you find value in their work. Who knows — the time may come when someone else uses your blog as a content resource, and their site will become your stage.

What other ways of curating content have worked for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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