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What to Do When Your Blog Is Boring, Part 2

by Carmela Maraan

Previously I’ve listed eight solutions for a boring blog. Now, here are six more ways to kick your blog’s visibility into high gear!

There are plenty of ways to attract attention to your blog, but keeping your visitors’ attention is serious business, even though you don’t always have to be serious about how you do it.


9. Poor writing

You have great ideas for topics and shared discussions, but you’re not exactly that skilled in the writing department. No matter how brilliant your blog design or post concepts are, poor spelling, grammar, sentence construction, style, and tone can instantly ruin your blog’s credibility.

Invest in writing development courses (you can find websites that offer writing exercises for free).
If you have the budget and connections, hire a competent ghostwriter or proofreader.
Ask trusted and more skilled friends and colleagues for honest feedback on your work before you post.

10. Inconsistency

You don’t post regularly. Or your post topics are way too random. When your readers don’t know what to expect from you, it will send them flocking elsewhere.

Set a posting schedule and stick to it.
Notify your audience about changes in your schedule so they’ll know when to anticipate your posts.
Queue your posts. Platforms like Tumblr, Blogger, and WordPress provide excellent post queuing services.
Make sure your posts generally stick to your blog’s central theme.
If your blog is about randomness, categorize each post by topic so your readers can easily find their areas of interest.

11. Zero optimization for mobile

Plenty of users now surf the Internet with their mobile devices. If the blog template that you use isn’t responsive, that is, optimized for both desktop and mobile devices, you lose out on a huge portion of your audience.

Update your current blog template with a responsive one.
Once updated, indicate in your blog that it’s available to read via mobile.

If this kitten can rule the internet, so can you!

12. Minimal or zero optimization for SEO and social sharing

Face it, social media is the current universal language. If your blog isn’t tailored for SEO optimization and social sharing, its chances of taking off are likely to be slim to nonexistent due to lack of audience visibility.

Learn how to optimize your blog for SEO. There are plenty of free online tutorials and tools that can help you use appropriate keywords, determine the best posting schedules, and target your audience to increase your page rank.
Use a template with integrated social sharing functions.
If you’re using standalone social sharing widgets, make sure they’re easy to find and use.
Invite your readers to share and like your posts.

13. New blog

Your blog has been up and running for a few months now, and your page and post views are still practically nil.

Be patient. Usually, freshly launched blogs need to sit around in the market before they get noticed.
Formulate and apply a solid marketing plan to help build your community and increase your blog’s exposure.

14. Lack of community

You don’t have enough readers, and your visitors don’t return. Worse, your posts receive more spam than legit comments.

Determine what specific kind of readers are welcome and what aren’t.
Determine your top 3 core values.
Customize your post content according to your preferred readers and the values you wish to embody.
Actively filter out spam comments.
Engage your commenters, no matter how few they are. First-time readers are more likely to return if you respond to their comments and inquiries with relevant answers.
Invite your readers to read your posts regularly.
Hold polls, promos, and contests every so often. This allows your readers to have fun while participating more actively in your blog.

I hope these tips help improve your blog’s exposure. As always, you’re very much welcome to share other ways you can generate interest in your blog!

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