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Building Trust in a Partnership

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Trust is the most advantageous asset in a partnership.  It is a prediction of reliance in another person.  Partnerships depend on using trust to get their tasks accomplished.  Without reliance on the other partner, most relationships fail. Partnerships are perhaps the most advantageous way of working online.  With the right combination of partners, projects can […]

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8 HTML Tags & Styles You Can Use To Enhance Your Post Structure

by · 30 comments

There are a variety of great HTML tags out there for you to use, and quite a few of them can fit into your blog posts rather nicely. I have compiled a list of eight of those tags that can be used on your blog, and a lot of these you probably haven’t seen or […]

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5 Videos Worth A Watch!

by · 11 comments

Wordpress TV was launched earlier this year, which was soon followed by Alex’s post on the new project. Personally, I thought it was a great idea because when I saw the videos for the first time; they were extremely high quality both visually and content-wise.

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Why Every Blogger Should Have A Role Model to Look Up To

by · 18 comments

Having someone to look up to is usually how we get to the point where we get good at what we like to do. In life, it’s very true in many different scenarios. In blogging, it is is especially true. The fact of the matter is that there is so much more to blogging than […]

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WP-Plugin – Where did they go from here?

by · 12 comments

Ever noticed the “Buyers who have bought this, also bought…” section under’s product pages? That was a rhetorical question because almost everyone who has visited an e-commerce site would have most likely seen one. Other websites such as eBay and Newegg have similar scripts, but if what I have read serves me right; Amazon […]

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