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How to Read a Blog Post Effectively

by · 20 comments

We all subscribe to other blogs. We do this because we don’t know it all, and reading other blogs will enable us to learn a lot more about the certain topic. But sometimes, we just read for the sake of reading and often we will completely miss the point of the article. So as weird […]

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Overcoming Blogging Barriers

by · 15 comments

Blogging throws so many different challenges at you every day, and you need to learn to overcome them in an effective manner. In this article, Jack Bumstead goes over what these challenges might be, and how to overcome them. When blogging you face many barriers. Barriers are problems that come up in your blog. They […]

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Keep Your Blog Rockin’ While You’re Away

by · 36 comments

I have announced on Twitter that I am going to be out on vacation for a week in Florida and I really won’t be online to do much of anything online, including blogging. I thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to think of ways to keep Blogussion going strong without me being here […]

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Conformity and Blogging In It’s Simplest Form

by · 16 comments

One thing I have been thinking a lot about lately are blogging trends. You know, what’s “hot” and what’s “not”. It’s always puzzled me to see that so many bloggers take other people’s advice so seriously that they do exactly as they’re told to do. So many blogs today defeat the concept of what a […]

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Preparing Yourself For Blogging: Offline & Online Strategies Part II

by · 18 comments

In the first part of this post, I explained how to prepare yourself for blogging offline, where I went over doing simple stuff like eating something or working in a clean work area to help you blog better. Now this is Part II, and I will share some tips for preparing yourself for blogging through […]

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