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50 Self-Reflecting Questions To Ask Yourself As A Blogger

by · 62 comments

Analyze yourself as a blogger by asking yourself these 50 revealing questions.

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8 discouragements that should be looked at as encouragements

by · 16 comments

Blogging is full of many twists and turns. Some days, you will be extremely happy with how everything is going on your blog. But, there are other days where that feeling is just not there. And for whatever reason that may be, it really brings you down some. You could feel that the blog you […]

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45 Link Building Tips To Help You Promote Your Blog

by · 298 comments

High quality link building tips to help you draw traffic to your blog.

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100+ Lists To Help You Become a Better Blogger

by · 241 comments

A list of other lists, filled with other 1,000+ great blogging tips. You may need to come back to this post a few times.

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How To Make a Simple Password – Unhackable for 580 million years!

by · 64 comments

Following up on my “10 Tips to Prevent Hackers“, I want to bring more emphasis on our number one tip – Strong Passwords. The effectiveness of security of increasing the length of a password by just one more letter, symbol or number grows in a very,  VERY steep exponential rate. In other words, for every […]

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