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The 2 (and a half) Golden Rules of Blogging

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Eric shares 2.5 Rules that have changed his blogging in a guest post. Want to write for us too? A year ago, my brother and I made the decision, we were going to start a blog. Gulp….. I barely went to blogs. I didn’t know anything about the form or blogging culture. I barely read […]

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Blog Inspiration and Innovation for the New Year

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With 2010 in full swing its time to look deeper into our blogging goals and decide how we actually plan on achieving them. I love goals as much as anyone but nothing irritates me more than goals that are unachievable or unrealistic.  You know the goals to make $1 Million from blogging this year when […]

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Elements of a Distinctive Blogger

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Being effective at what you do must be the first area of concern. Every blogger needs to develop the most important aspects about themselves. One needs to have the right attitude to triumph; attitudes that will give you the edge in facing the challenges inherent in the pursuit of success.

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2009 is Over. Where does that leave you for the New Year?

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With 2009 over, bloggers have a lot to look forward to in 2010. It is important to take some time and reflect on your blogging achievements in 2009, as well as start planning your goals for the new year.

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Using your Strengths and Weaknesses to Become a Better Blogger

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There are many bloggers in the blogosphere who are doing pretty well with their blogs. Then, there are those who don’t seem to be going anywhere with their blog. Chances are, the bloggers who actually have something going for them have taken a very important step in reaching that success. Identifying their strengths and weaknesses, […]

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