Community Creation

The Best User is the Biggest Winner

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Blog owners get a lot from having an active community.  For some bloggers they pay the bills from the purchases and clicks of their readers.  So of course blog owners try to build a blog with an active community they can build trust on. What might be surprising is the users who are the most […]

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How to Connect Better With Your Community and See Results

by · 65 comments

Without readership on your blog, what exactly is the point of running a successful, money-making blog? Have you ever heard bloggers say “It’s not my blog, but yours”? Well, whoever came up with that is exactly right. Okay, so we both know that since you own the domain, have access to the sites internal files […]

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How We Earned Over 200 Subscribers with 2 Simple Posts

by · 84 comments

A case study reviewing how we earned 200+ subscribers with just 2 simple guest posts.

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How to Properly Prepare a Guest Post in 5 Simple Steps

by · 57 comments

Guest posts are great things. They make getting new content up on your blog very easy, and it makes you feel like you’re doing something right when you get someone who wants to write a post on your blog. Having guest posts really means a lot of things for you, but come with their own […]

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Build Your Community, Stop Begging for One

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Recently I house sat a small dog named Louis (Looey) for a couple of weeks.  He was an incredibly well trained dog that never once made a mess on the floor, ruined my furniture, scratched my door, or barked all night. By the end of the week I realized that Louis was a one in […]

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