Community Creation

The Power and Importance of “Free”

by · 25 comments

A technique for building the readership on my blogs that I have started working at is the power of releasing things for free. I have been preparing many things over the past weeks to start releasing on my blogs, in hopes of building a stronger and more loyal community. Of course, the keyword in that […]

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How to Build a Community Around Your Blog

by · 32 comments

Your blog is more than a collection of articles – it’s a community of readers, commentators, visitors, advertisers, and you, the blogger. Learning how to connect everyone who sees your blog in some way is important if you want to excel above and beyond the typical blog. When it comes to building a community, you […]

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16 Free Phenomenal Plugins That Will Enhance Your Comment Area and Start More Conversations

by · 22 comments

The comment area on a blog is a very important place on a blog, and I feel like many bloggers under-utilize it. Sometimes, to get a good conversation started on a blog, there’s more to be added than just a comments form and the threaded enhancement.

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How My Fan Mail Can Serve As A Motivator To You (Plus Some Insight On How I Designed Blogussion)

by · 28 comments

Last week, I received a great email pretty much praising Blogussion for everything that it is. In the message (which I will post below), I not only received comments towards the blog, but was asked some questions about some of the things I did here, which I will also cover in this post.

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Things You Can Do With A Guest Post Rather Than Reject It

by · 29 comments

Getting a guest post submitted for review on our blog is so great. It should fill us all with pride and joy that someone would rather dedicate their time to write on our blog rather than their own.

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