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Help! My Writing Needs a Doctor

by · 25 comments

Last night I had a fever of 101.4 and felt completely miserable.  My head hurt, body ached and I felt exhausted all throughout the night. Being sick made me think about the benefits of good health.  Especially when my doctor started talking about the potential of having H1N1 or swine flu! Under these conditions my […]

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18 Resources to Help you Write Better Blog Titles

by · 98 comments

A list of resources to help you write headlines people click.

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Why Content Is Still King

by · 38 comments

Almost every webmaster runs his/her website with one task in mind; to gain the more traffic. It’s not a surprise either because traffic means a lot to many; including the single-most contributory factor in the amount you earn through your site. With this in mind, many webmasters strive or even dedicate whole blogs to produce […]

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The Problems of Diversifying Blog Posts

by · 19 comments

It is important to keep your blog fresh by adding new content every day.It can be tricky trying to find what exactly your readers want to know about however. You can’t just write for the sake of writing a blog post, you have to teach in your articles.

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When Little Effort Goes More Noticed: Problem or Progress?

by · 15 comments

Has it ever puzzled you when a blog post you put a lot less time into gains more popularity than a post that you put less effort into? I know I am, and I always wonder why that is. But more importantly, is it a good thing or a bad thing?

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