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Conquering those days where you don’t “feel” like writing by facing these 5 realizations

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Writing – it’s such a complex thing. Whether we realize it or not, there are always hardships when it comes to writing an excellent piece of material. Sometimes, that perseverance and love we have for writing starts to fade away. It may hit some quicker than others, but I guarantee that if you blog you […]

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49 Tips to Become a Better Blogger

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Recently, I contacted Yan from ThouShallBlog – a blog about blogging that both Alex and I have been closely following – and I asked him if we could guest post. To my appreciation, Mr. Yan replied within 24 hours and asked me to send over a review of the guest-post article. After reviewing and a […]

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10 ways to find post inspiration without even leaving your blog

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How to come up with ideas for articles without even leaving your blog.

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How to combat the evils of Procrastination?

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Have you ever felt lazy or perhaps too bored to blog? Well, if your frantically nodding your head then you have experienced the choke-hold of procrastination. We all procrastinate in our day-to-day life, it’s when we put off or delay or defer an action to a later time. How many times have you promised yourself […]

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How to Perfect Your Content by ‘Redrafts & Edits’

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Redrafting and editing work side by side and are very closely related. You need to redraft and edit in order to a turn a thoughtful, well-planned piece of content into a polished text that readers will be interested to read. There’s just too many blogs out there that have common spelling mistakes and illogical use […]

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