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The Ugly Side of SEO

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For some webmasters and users, SEO has become synonymous with spamming. Here’s the lowdown on some whitehat SEO tactics gone wrong.

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This Is Why Headlines Really Matter

This Is Why Headlines Really Matter

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Nothing is more important than writing a powerful headline. When it comes to getting your reader onto the page, then driving them all the way to the call to action at the bottom where you will get your reader to do what you need them to do, nothing is more important.

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The Future of Online Teaching

The New Standards of Teaching Online in 2011

by · 64 comments

Today, the most popular use of a blog is to teach something. Chances are, you wrote your latest blog post with the intention of teaching your reader’s something new. But, the chances of effectively teaching them…not as great.

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Use Your Lowest Quality of Content for Improvement

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Say what?! Yes. We should all want to improve our practice of blogging and make it clear to your audience that you are serious and here to play.

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Fresh Cookies: How to Keep Your Writing Relevant

by · 97 comments

There’s nothing worse or more frustrating than losing readers or subscribers. When we check our stats, we’re hoping for an improvement, not a dip in visits. How are we going to improve the quality of our writing?

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