Study of Design

Do You Have the Best Possible Chance to Conquer Design Versus Week?

by · 10 comments

A checklist of things you need to have completed for a better chance at winning Design Versus Week.

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Minimal vs. Compact Blog Designs: Design Versus Week

by · 19 comments

A comparison between compact blog designs and minimalistic blog designs. Which is the best choice for your blog?

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Large vs. Small Footers: Design Versus Week

by · 32 comments

A look at two different footer sizes (large and small) and their impact on the functionality of your blog.

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2 Column vs. 3 Column Blog Layouts: Design Versus Week

by · 37 comments

Which is the best layout for a site? 2 columns, or 3 columns? The advantages and disadvantages are listed in this article.

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Light vs. Dark Blog Designs: Design Versus Week

by · 39 comments

Are light designs better than dark designs for a serious blogger? Today on Design Versus Week, the advantages and disadvantages of both styles are listed.

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