Study of Design

Rebranding vs. Refreshing Your Blog Design: Design Versus Week

by · 46 comments

Which is the best for the brand of your blog? A complete redesign, or a minor design refresh?

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The Iron Maiden Guide to Rockstar Blogging

by · 34 comments

Becoming a huge hit in the world of blogging is tough. Henri Junttila diagnoses the success of his favorite band, Iron Maiden and shows you what you can learn from that success. Want to write for us too? Being a successful blogger depends entirely on what you want to get out of it and what […]

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King’s Ultimate Guide to Blog Design Perfection

by · 48 comments

Each year brings us new trends be it fashion, films, web design of blogging. I am not a professional designer or anything – just a curious student of life who spends hours looking at great blog designs and taking notes of what pleases me about it. I do have quite a stack of notes on […]

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What Every Blogger Should Know About Design When Buying a Theme

by · 36 comments

Getting a new design for your blog is both time consuming and expensive.  There are many great options for free themes but too often these themes do not have very many features and require a lot of extra work. Purchasing a theme from premium theme designers or paying for a custom design can not only […]

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