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Is Your Site a Victim of URL Canonicalization?

by · 97 comments

An often overlooked aspect of good SEO that can cost you in the search engines.

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Debate: DoFollow vs. NoFollow Links

by · 77 comments

In a recent post, Jeet’s guest post entitled “Get some Comment Love for your static website” sparked quite a bit of discussion, and raised the issue between NoFollow and DoFollow blogs. As many of you might have realized (noting the massive image we have on the sidebar) that Blogussion was made a DoFollow blog several […]

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Quick Reminder: Your Basic SEO Fundamentals

by · 14 comments

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your blog is essential for success, on any scale. Many new bloggers tend to be lead into the false assumption that once your blog is up on the internet, you will automatically get visitors, also known as “hits.” Unfortunately that is never the case. If your blog is not launched […]

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Joost de Valk on Wordpres SEO

by · 5 comments

I was on Mr.ShoeMoney’s blog recently and came across this video that he posted. I think it’s a must watch for any WordPress owner. Pros and beginners alike, because it gives great insights on how you should optimize WordPress while refreshing the memories of our expert SEO’ers. Joost de Valk, aka Yoast delivers a wonderful […]

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How can you meet the W3C Web Standards?

by · 4 comments

Web accessibility is the practice of making sure your website content can be accessed and understood by as many visitors as possible, regardless of their physical ability or technological barriers. As a webmaster, you must ensure that your website can be viewed by both human visitors and Search Engine crawlers, and at times it can […]

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