5 Easy Blog Improvements in under 5 Minutes

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5 things you can do to your blog to improve it with just 5 minutes of work.

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The Content Debate: Finally Put Out Once and For All

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Undoubtably the biggest debate throughout the Blogging Tips world revolves around the most important element of blogging.  The question is whether or not Content is the most influential element of blogging?  Today I plan on killing that debate by describing the arguments being made and declaring a final resolution to this long blogging debate.

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Spammers Beware: Intellectual Property Rights in Blogging

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Any blogger with 10 posts or more and at least 2 months with a live blog knows spammers are everywhere.  Creeping around the internet, looking to pray upon the technologically innocent.  Busy bloggers also seem to be great targets for spammers with large pageranks, lots of comments, and too much to do in to little […]

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How To Start A Blog: Blog Platform

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Starting your blog is exciting and a lot of fun.  Most people have read a friend’s blog or maybe a business blog while online.  Then eventually the thought comes… “I think I want to start a blog“.  After a few weeks or months you eventually get around to starting it and then you think to […]

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5 Dangerous Myths About Making It Big

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As I’ve been bouncing through the blogosphere I seem to keep running into bloggers with a sense of disillusionment about their blogs. In fact, I stumbled upon one earlier today that is really discouraging and makes a perfect example for this article. I won’t mention the name of the blog where I found this, but I […]

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